What we believe in

We truly believe that a great design with an attractive presentability and real impression is the key route to enlighten our lives and the changing world around us. We facilitate our clients to achieve their missions. We strive to furnish our clients with fresh ideas, innovative solutions and carry forth a positive impact.

Dillesh Gedela


The not so famous captain of Aedee, Dillesh is a brand tactician, leading the vision and mission of the company. You can also name him the initiator, conceptualizer, collaborator and strength behind the team. He is an expert who believes that the first impression is the last impression. He has got 14 years of tremendous experience in strategy, operations, business development and creative direction. He has a noteworthy background of holding executive roles at numerous corporations and startups in Hyderabad. He strives to be effective and loves being creative.

Lakshman Kumar


Lakshman leads the business strategy and vision for the company. He has a unique blend of a business and creative background in strategy, operations, design, and technology. has 6 years of experience in the field of digital design and finds psychology and humans very intriguing. he is a kickboxer, dog lover loves to capture the enchanting greens

He’s a self-proclaimed, has-been cyclist turned motorcyclist and a lover of all things on two wheels.

Our Values